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wrestling_daily's Journal

Wrestling Pictures Daily
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Wrestling Photos Daily

☆ Wrestling Daily
This community is for sharing good wrestling pictures. The pictures can be of any wrestler and any era of wrestling. WWE, TNA, ECW, WCW, everything is welcome! Please be sure to have a look over the rules before you post anything though, they are very important and if you violate them constantly, I'll have to ban you from the community. I want to keep the community clean and easy to view, so please be sure to follow the rules!


01. Please post all photos behind a livejournal cut. If you don't know how to do one, please find out before you post here. I want to keep this community easy on the eyes and easy on the friends page.

02. Please make all posts FRIENDS ONLY. This community is for members to view only so we can get more people to join. You have to join to see the photos. (Posts are now AUTOMATICALLY friends only)

03. Try and keep the photos of good quality. They don't have to be hi-res but I'd rather not see a bunch of blurry, shitty quality photos in this community.

04. You MAY thumbnail your photos, however you don't have to as long as they are placed behind the cut.

05. The photos may come from anywhere, but I'd rather you didn't post TAGGED photos here. You may credit your source if you'd like, but it's not really necessary.

06. Please TAG YOUR ENTRIES. Usually just with the person/people they are of. Tag in lowercase letters only, thank you.

07. PLEASE CHECK THE TAGS FOR THE PERSON YOU'RE POSTING PHOTOS OF. I do not want to see the same pictures in here over and over, so check first and then post what you don't see, please :)

08. Be respectful. Always a rule. ESPECIALLY to the mods.

09. Candids are okay, but please no personal pictures with the wrestlers. The main point of this community is pictures for graphics and things (as far as I'm concerned) and this isn't the place for those type of photos.

10. DO NOT POST NEWS, GRAPHICS OR ICONS IN THIS COMMUNITY. It is for PHOTOS ONLY. There are plenty of wrestling communities on livejournal for news, graphics and icons.

11. DO NOT DIRECT LINK PICTURES FROM ANY SITE. They must be uploaded to your own server. Please follow this rule, if I see direct linking from fansites or anything I will remove your post and ban you from the community.

12. If you would like to advertise in wrestling_daily (since we now have over 500 members) PLEASE ask me first. LJ has this spiffy little message thing and I do check them, so feel free to message me and ask. If you don't, I will delete your post and possibly ban you.

13. This is not really a rule, but it's something you should try and do - Comment and thank people for posting photos, especially if you're saving them. It's just a nice thing to do and will encourage people to post more!

14. Please do not post television captures in this community. This is for photoshoots, scans and digital photos ONLY.


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